New functionalities in POSS online 6.2

We are happy to announce the release of POSS online 6.2. The main focus of this release is a wider range of assets to monitor, in a scalable and more flexible interface. To provide you with sufficient information throughout the entire chain in the field, the following assets are now additional after configuration.

  • The POSS application for smart phones and tablets: focus on trouble shooting in the field with logical process steps.
  • Complex monitoring: a wider interpretation of assets by monitoring; room temperature, power input and UPS condition in signalling houses or cabinets.
  • Level crossings: monitoring of level crossing movements combined with signalling information.
  • Support of high speed points: Multiple points can be viewed in one graph and analysed.
  • In control monitoring: Distinguish signalling and mechanical failures with the new Strukton non-intrusive relay state sensor.

For more information about the functionalities above, please contact us via the contact page.